About the project

Hi, my name is Christoph Skrobol and I am the founder and CEO of Careerdate.net, a platform that helps candidates and employees to arrange live meetings.

After five years in the Employer Branding and HR Marketing business, one thing is quite clear to me: The HR world is about to face massive changes in the years to come! In order to notice, analyze and react to these changes, access to relevant information is crucial.

The good news is, there are a lot of HR related studies, articles, presentations and other publications available. However, these information are often difficult to find. People tweet about them, write blog posts and share links in their social network. But after a few days, the information are buried under new posts and tweets.

I created HRStudies.com to collect all HR related studies and publications out there. The goal is to build the one place you go to in order to find a study, read up on it, check what others have said and comment yourself.

Everyone is welcome to submit a study. It will be published shortly after I verify the information. If you leave your E-Mail address and select which topics and countries you are interested in, I will inform you whenever a study is published that matches your preferences.

If you like the website, have feedback, questions or complaints, just drop me a few lines at christoph.skrobol@hrstudies.com or connect with me on Twitter or LinkedIn.



Christoph Skrobol