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The Employer Branding Online Awards looks into how companies measure up against the needs of prospective and current employees in an increasingly mobile and social online landscape.
How the research works

In line with Lundquist’s user-centric vision, the Employer Branding Online Awards is firmly grounded in the needs and habits of jobseekers and professionals: our survey in 2011 drew 450 responses from 57 countries.

This input allows us to develop an evaluation protocol of 57 criteria, which are used to rate a company’s online employer branding with a score out of 100. The criteria are grouped into four parts:
Proposition – what information does the company provide about itself and its workforce, the benefits provided to employees and its position on issues of ethics and corporate responsibility?
Application process – the nerve centre of every recruitment website is assessed in terms of the information provided before an application is made, searching for vacancies and the application itself
User experience – investigating the quality of usability and navigation as well as a the strength of visual communications
Social media and mobile experience – how well does the company leverage social media for its employer branding messages and serve users navigating on mobile devices?

Recognition is also given to commendable content or features that go beyond the evaluation criteria. At the same time, a system of penalty points punishes common flaws in online communications such as poor information architecture, menu structure and usability.

At a glance: the 2nd edition of the research (2012)
450+ responses to survey of professionals and potential candidates in 57 countries
57 evaluation criteria grouped into 13 sections
2 major rankings published: top 100 companies in Europe and top 100 firms in Italy
6 pillars of effective online employer branding: comprehensive, integrated, user friendly, engaging, concrete and targeted
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